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For Computer or Data Recovery Help please select a request method in the links above. I don't accept solicitations of any kind so please do not use my request forms for anything but requests for computer or data recovery help. If you need to contact me directley about anything else give me a call, Thank you.

Computer Service

repair a wide array of problems with computers, electronics, networks and website applications. I also recover lost data from system/hardware failures and accidental deletions. My repair home-office is local to Santa Rosa, California and I offer the best prices and the best service with a work guarantee.

Work Ethic

I have a focused and creative knack when developing and implementing technologies to solve problems. This skill gives me the ability to assist people in developing a vision on how the see themselves and their endeavors. ...More

Service Policy

I operate by appointment only on a first come, first serve basis. My rates vary from service to service. An Initial Diagnostic/Consultation is free which helps you understand the costs involved...more

As a sole proprietor turn-around times vary between one non-billable business day or up to two non-billable business weeks. Interrupting service to your device by requiring possession of it during a diagnostic or repair may increase the turn-around time...more

Please be aware that if you have a device that is five years or older, I will recommend to you a replacement over a repair. Outdated devices can have serious performance issues that prevent timely turn around times and also can prevent customers from having a snappy experience using their device. Before making any inquires check out my service polices.

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