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Scott Larson's Advanced System Service Center Capabilities

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Have you ever been unsatisfied with a service repair?

Most computer repair shops rely mostly on trial by error to troubleshoot hardware problems. As a repair technician, sometimes this is the only way to go about troubleshooting certain problems. Not all hardware trouble can be analyzed this way, its very time consuming, and costly for the repair center. This in turn can cause a repair center to recommend unnecessary hardware replacements to speed up the servicing. This ends up costing the customer more money and time to transition to a new system on the account of the service center's experience and resources.

This is why choosing the right service center is critical for you if you want a decent turn-around time and a solid answer on your issue. With the right tools and hardware experience, you will find much better results going with a service that has a history of having the results.

How having access an advanced service center might be beneficial to you:

  1. You are a graphic or video artist that is starting to experience system instability with your production workstation and you have a deadline to meet. Purchasing another computer for the job would take more time and money than you want to spend. You need your system fixed soon or you are going to lose a contract, or a customer.

  2. You are a professional computer gamer that is experiencing performance problems or blue screen errors after a certain period of time and you cant locate the problem. Its the weekend and you have a competition or event that you really want to participate in. You want it fixed before this event or as soon as possible.

  3. You operate a business and one or more of your computers are acting strange, you don't know what it is and you want an answer before too much time is lost.

My system toolset and experience makes my service center the ideal choice for your needs, and here's why.

  • I'm constantly staying up to date with the latest and most advanced diagnostic capabilities available on the market.
  • I service a 20 mile range from my home office in Santa Rosa, California. That will be expanding in the near future.
  • I accept device servicing by USPS or FEDEX.
  • I offer flexible rates and fees depending on your type and size of business.
  • I maintain accurate tracking of testing, diagnostics, repairs and consultations that can be referenced later in the event of a future related issue.
  • Reports are delivered to you via hand delivered, mail, email, or fax where applicable giving you the information you track the progress of the resolution.

Here's what I am capable of servicing:

  • Systems: Intel & AMD PC's, Apple Macs
  • CPU'S: Intel & AMD
  • Chipset support: latest Intel and AMD chipsets
  • CPU/CoProcessor testing - Instruction Sets – MMX, SSE, SSE2, SSE3, SSSE3, SSE4.1, SSE4.2, SSE4A, AVX, AVX2 - Buffer, Cache, Commands, Exceptions, Floating Point Unit, Interrupts, Operations, Prime Number Genera- tion, Registers - Stress test
  • Memory - Extended memory - Protected Mode Testing - Large Memory Configurations: 96gigs and up - Multi testing algorithms that implement research done in conjunction with the University of Nevada, Reno (view here):
  • Storage -Supported controllers: PATA, SATA, SCSI, SAS - Supported devices: Hard Drives, Solid State Drives, SCSI Drives, USB Drives, Card Readers, Floppy Drives, Zip Drives, NVMe Drives - Optical Drives: Blu-ray/BD-R/BD-RE, HD DVD, CD-ROM/-R/-RW/+R/+RW, DVD-ROM/+R DL/-R DL/+R/-R/RAM/+RW/-RW - RAID configurations
  • System Board - Supported chipsets: AMD, ATI, Intel, nVidia, SiS, VIA Available testing: - BIOS Timer, CMOS, CMOS RAM, RTC - DMA Channels, IRQ Controller, RAM Refresh, SMBus, System Timer - PCI, PCIe, miniPCI, miniPCIe, PCMCIA, PCMCIA Detec- tion, CardBus - 8042 keyboard controller, USB • IEEE1394, USB - Serial Ports - Parallel Ports
  • Multimedia - DirectX (support through DX11) and CUDA video cards, Video Ports - Audio testing up to 7.1 surround sound - Webcams - RealSense 3D Camera - Display Cards - Touch Screens - Sound Cards - Analog & Digital - LED, Plasma Displays - Video Ports
  • Communications - Ethernet Cards & Onboard Chips - WiFi Cards & Onboard Chips - Bluetooth Cards and Onboard Chips - Modem Cards & Onboard Chips - Mobile Broadband Cards & Onboard Chips - NFC Communication Testing
  • Misc - Keyboards - Mice - Laptop, All-in-one Batteries - Hibernation - Standby - USB Ports - FireWire Ports - Printing - Power Adapters - Power Connectors

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