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Scott Larson

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  • Professional History in the Computer Support Field
    • I started my computer repair service in 1992 at little computer shop "Computers For Everyone " in Santa Rosa, Republic of California. I handled computer problems like hardware failures, software bugs, viruses system glitches.
    • In 2000 I was hired at Sonic Solutions (, a multimedia software company providing system administration and single user support.
    • In 2003 I left Sonic Solutions and took a three month trip to Europe and spent the rest of that year taking a break and working on spiritual practices.
    • In 2004 I took a job at providing customer technical support on a wide range of computer problems until 2006.
    • I now run a Computer Repair and Data Recovery business providing system, network and data services to the community of Santa Rosa.
  • My Vision for the Future
    In my free time I'm working on a Science Fiction Horror film I plan to direct after I finish the screenplay:
    In 1986 the Chernobyl power plant in Ukraine was destroyed by a nuclear reactor explosion. Ten years later nuclear fallout is continuing to expand across the planet leaving behind unexplainable and deadly changes to the environment. An artifact hunter must lead a group of scientists into the heart of the aftermath in a race against time to uncover a powerful monolith of unknown origin before it falls into the wrong hands.

  • Personal Interests
    I have host of interests related to, film, writing and art.
  • Software and Hardware: Personal Use
    I designed his own computer system using an ASUS P8Z77-V LX with a Intel i5-3570K CPU and 16 gigs of ram. His video card is a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti BOOST with 2Gigs of Memory. I run multiple operating systems depending on the particular situation and to stay updated with the latest technology. My primary Operating System is Windows 10 64bit but I also run Windows8, Windows 7, and Ubuntu Linux. I also designed and manage my own custom firewall/router for absolute customer security.
  • What does Scott Larson have to say about the Customer Service industry?
    "When I call into a customer service center. I don't want to feel like I'm the enemy and more often than not, that's exactly the way I feel.  Integrity seems to be lacking in the interactions between the customer and the support representative in services departments these days. I remember one analyst that was talking about the computer industry say that the customer service department is considered a loss to the main operations of a company, and so they kind of treat it with a mild neglect. If you have ever spoken to a service representative of a major manufacturer of a specific product,  you know what I mean. They off-shore technical support to other countries where English is a second language, their support reps are trained to read from scripts to help you troubleshoot while not really understanding the situation, and they do whatever they can to deny lengthy or costly support. From my perspective its a frustrating mess and I wanted to do that different so I make sure that everything I do with my business is heart centered. Most companies seem to be in business for short term gain, well I'm in this for long term satisfaction. I want to be satisfied that you are satisfied with the results. I want it to remain that way and don't want that change over time." 

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