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Backup Storage Devices

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External and Network storage solutions for personal computers or a home office / small businesses.

  • Please be aware that Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices are sometimes purchasable with two options: Diskless and the Storage Size. If you purchase the Diskless solution you will have to purchase and insert your own Internal Hard Drives like the WD Red 2TB NAS hard drives. Or you can select A storage size option and that will include the hard drives. With the right home or office equipment that provides sufficient network speed, NAS devices offer the most flexibility for a home or office network. It allows you to store your backups and files on one device that is independent of any workstation or laptop. Great for situations where you have more than one device that needs to be backed up and you don't want to have to spend too much money on a separate hard drive for each computer. Portable USB/Firewire hard drives have a tendency to get kicked around or unplugged unexpectedly whereas NAS devices remain in one place connected to the network via Ethernet cable and do not get moved around. This prevents situations where you think the device is connected and your backups are working when in actuality they are not. With always-on network storage devices, performance and connectivity problems are limited to just the network hardware quality and a reliable power source. I recommend a good dual band high gain router for home or office networks that will be transferring large amounts of data frequently.
  • External USB Hard Drives are great for portability. USB Interfaces are less reliable in terms of making sure the device is always connected, so be sure to verify the device is connected from time to time.

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