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Hosted Exchange Migration Prequalification

This form is to request a prequalification on the feasibility of migrating a business email infrastructure from POP/IMAP over to Hosted Exchange service such as Office365 or a 3rd party provide like Rackspace.

Please provide a contact persons email who will be handling the communication regarding your service requests.

Please provide a contact number for the person that will handle requests for servicing.

Providing the mail provider will help with finding out what services your current mail provider has available, and what services you currently use.

Select the business current mail protocol that it is using for all mail clients. This allows us to know before hand what protocol is being used to determine migration requirements.

Please provide the domain you use to send and receive email. The domain is the

Please provide a list of email address your business uses to send and receive email.

Please list your current internet connection provider to allow us to determine any problems with mail connections that could come up.

Using a speed test on the internet please tell us your bandwidth in upload and download speeds.

If you have wireless, please describe your wireless connection information that determine your wireless connection reliability.
Fast, Slow, Intermittent Connection Drops, Situations that Cause Unreliability.
If wireless is unreliable you can request a wireless site survey to determine the range or cause of the problem.

Please list all the devices that need to be sending and receiving email by manufacture, make/model.

Does your business use flat or search folders to keep mails organized for each email address inbox?

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