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New Year Updates and Important Information

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Happy New Years!
From Scott Larson Consulting
Scott Larson would like to wish everyone a happy new year. We hope that the coming year brings new and interesting ways of living your life free from limiting beliefs and obstacles. Our business has grown in the last year, due mainly to your kind words in support of our service to the community. We really appreciate all of the reviews at and on Google Local Business Listings. These reviews have generated fifty percent of our new business this year thank you.

Alternate Contact Information
Scott Larson Consulting has now formed a limited partnership with Jordan Erickson of Logical Networking Solutions (LSI) to perform alternate assistance in the event Scott Larson is unavailable for an extended period of time. Over the years Jordan and I have been sending each other computer work during times of large work loads, filling the gaps in certain areas of each others experience and have worked together on improving our business strategies by recognizing the each others strengths and weaknesses. During this time, we both realized that it would be nice if we had someone we could trust to take over some of the work in each others business if one of us becomes unavailable during a time where immediate assistance is needed.  Jordan has his own consulting practice and works primarily as a technical consultant with the education community assisting them with low cost desktop replacement solutions to the Microsoft Windows environment. He also works with Home and Business users offering Windows Technical Support and Computer Repair service. If you are currently a customer with Scott Larson Consulting, and you are unable to get a hold of me, please contact Jordan between 9am and 5pm weekdays at:

Photo of Jordan EricksonJordan Erickson
Logical Networking Solutions
Phone: 707-636-5678
Office Hours: Mon - Fri, 9:00am - 5:00pm (Pacific Time)

Windows 7 Released, Upgrade Now!
Microsoft has released its latest update to the Windows Operating System. Here are some of the highlights when considering an upgrade:

  • Better system stability (Compared to Windows Vista) and easier to maintain.
  • Improved usability: Windows 7 taskbar is more user friendly, allowing you to group applications and launch tasks directly from the application icons. Windows 7 also has a library function that enables to you create shortcuts to your most used folders right within Windows Explorer.

For more information about Windows 7 please see our "Windows Seven Review Guide". Please be aware that Windows 7 requires a fairly new computer with at least 2.33 dual-core processor or higher, with 2gigs of memory or more.

Scott Larson can take care of the upgrade process so you don't have to. For $150.00 plus the cost of the upgrade package ($129.99 ) we will perform a safety backup of your computer and run the upgrade for you. This frees you from having to spent time on compatibility issues that will most likely come up during the upgrade process. We had one customer that ran though the beginning of upgrade himself. During the compatibility test he decided he didn't want to continue so the upgrade allowed him to roll back. Afterwards he was unable to use his computer. Sometimes, upgrading your computer is not as easy as the headlines would lead you to believe. The $150.00 fee is a one year guarantee covering compatibility issues with Windows 7 that come up after the upgrade process. So if you run into a problem that did not come up during the upgrade, you can call us and inquire about your problem, drop off your computer or we can remote into your computer to fix the problem, free of charge.

Why am I Receiving this Email?
If you are receiving this email, you have worked with Scott Larson in the past with your Computer, Web-Site, or Video/Audio needs. Scott Larson is very concerned about the volume of email you receive and will only being sending out periodic mails to inform you of new products or services, updates and changes. If you do not wish to receive these emails please reply to this message, or email with the words "unsubscribe" in the subject line.

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