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Schedule Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance protects your Laptop or Desktop from performance issues and hardware failures. Having regular maintenance done prevents future time and money investments into fixing problems that get compounded by neglect. Catastrophic failures can prevented by addressing issues that come up on a regular basis.

Please provide your full name so we know who we are addressing.

We will Confirm a 3 days before the appointment via the contact method you select.

Contact Information

Please specify a number we can reach you at in case we get lost or have questions

Please list a email you check so we can send you a confirmation or an alert about this service.

Specify a date for the scheduled maintenance.


Services to be Performed

  • Hardware Cleaning
  • System Check-up
  • Performance Tune-up
  • Answer questions (15mins Free)


Time at your location: 1-2hrs max


$95.00 - 25% OFF

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