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Scooter's Christmas Recommendations for the Technically Challenged

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Scott Larson | Private Computer Repair & Data Recovery Service | Connecting your world by simplifying technology...


Easy to use and maintain Chromebooks

For junior gunslingers jumping into the wild west of the internet, I recommend trying a Chromebook over a standard Laptop. Less setup, and virtually no maintenance requirements.

MP what? Music Players for the not-so-dexterous

If you haven't looked at portable music players lately you will be surprised how small they have become. That's great for portability, no so good for navigability. Smaller doesn't always equal better, especially for people with large or shaky hands.

Big Letters, Low Cost Keyboards for those with sharp eyesight

If you have trouble with your eyesight and you haven't gotten around to a typing course yet? Give your eyes a break with a larger than letters keyboard.

Need help migrating your data to your new device?

let us help you with our low cost data transfer service starting at $40.00 per 250 gigs of data.

Secure Electronics Recycling

Let us destroy your old equipment safely and securely with our free computer recycling service and our low cost secure data wiping service when you don't want your data getting into the wrong hands.

Scott Larson provides private Computer Repair & Data Recovery Service to the Santa Rosa Community.
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