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Service Consultation

If you have a question or concern that you would like me to contact you about, you can submit a service consultation with the form below and I will get back to you within three hours or the next business day unless I am swamped, out of the office, or on vacation. In which case, I will get back to you as soon as I am available.  If you need immediate help please contact me at 707-536-1527.

Registering for an account saves your information to make it easier to fill out this form when you make another request.

  • At-(Your)-Location (Scott Larson visits your location for servicing. Please note that I only service Homes or Small Business (10-20 employees) in a 10 mile radius from Downtown Santa Rosa, California. If you are outside of this radius, you can request Drop-Off or Internet Support.
  • Drop-Off (You deliver your equipment to Scott Larson's location and I service the equipment here. Turn around times vary, (please see our list of polices)
  • Internet (If you have an active internet connection to your computer and your computer is booting into windows, there is a good chance we can fix the problem remotely using remote software).

Please use your full name for our records.

Please enter a number we can reach you at.

If you move around allot, it might be better if we had your cell phone. Let us know in the details if you would rather be reach on your cell.

Use an email address you actually check or you might not get a reply from us.

Please enter a Home or Business Address for billing and or servicing.

Enter the name of your company you work for or run. If you are or want to be a support customer this helps us identify your place of business.

If you are requesting service that needs to take place at your place of business please enter in your company address.

If you don't want to receive emails at your home address and instead want to receive them at your company address.

If you would rather be reached at work please enter that number and include a note in the details.

What days and times are you available to have this support request handled? Please check our Appointment Calender (Right Click to open in a new window/tab) to see if we are available for that day or time.

Briefly describe the subject of your request.

Describe in detail what you would like accomplished and any other important information you would like to share about your request for support.

Attach any files that will help me understand the extent of the service that needs to be performed. Any Invoices, or Previous Quotes, or other information about your needs will help.

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