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When you request service, please be aware I am not responsible or liable for data lost or damaged regardless of the device it is stored on even if you specifically request that I not erase or manipulate your data. Important data should be backed up before the device is serviced. Ask me about backup options if you have a concern. Furthermore, hardware failures occur on their own accord; I am not responsible or liable for any hardware failures before, during, or after the servicing.

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Please note: Service Quote Requests can take up to three hours for a response. Any Service Quote Requests received after 2pm may be responded to on the next business day. If you need immediate help please contact me at 707-536-1527. 

Enter the full name of the person requiring the service.

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If you are reachable on your cell phone enter your cell number.

Enter in the email address where we can send you the quote information.

Enter in your address if you want me to come out to your location to do the servicing.

Enter a date on when you will need the service done.

Are we picking up your computer, doing a consultation with you at your location; Or are you dropping the computer off to have it serviced at our shop?
Add $25 to the "Required Service" for At-Location Consultations and Pickups. See our list of Services for Pricing.

To help speed up the quote process, please select the manufacturer of your device if possible.

Please specify your device model. This information can be located on the back or bottom of your device, inside a small sticker area. For Laptops it could be located at the bottom right corner of the screen, near the power button, or under the battery.

Attach any files that will help me understand the extent of the service that needs to be performed. Any Invoices, or Previous Quotes, or other information about your needs will help.

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