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Backup & Recovery

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Learn what you need to keep your important data backed up. In the event of a system crash having a backup of your system or personal data can save your life. If you have one computer with no external method to store your data you are asking for trouble if the work that you do is critical to your life. I can walk you though the process of setting up a good backup plan based on your level of use and need, with all of the software and hardware you need to keep your important files maintained somewhere safe. Do wait until a disaster occurs, by then its usually to late.

  • Backup
    If your computer system crashed resulting in a total lost of data, do you have a way to recovery that data? The system itself does not keep a backup, you have to plan in advance to prepare for a total loss. Its not a matter of if, its a matter of when. Contact me, or schedule an appointment to find out more about creating a plan that's right for you.

  • Recovery After Backup
    Even if you have backup of your data recovering it can take more time than you think. Save yourself countless hours of lost time having the right restoral plan before your computer crashes and be up and running with either minimal or zero down time.

  • Data Recovery Without Backup
    If you have suffered a data loss and have no backup alternative see The "Data Recovery Link Below for more information about my Data Recovery Service.

  • Archival
    Do you need advise on long term data storage? I have extensive experience in the entire process of keeping data safe for the long run. Take a look at our Archiving Service Below.
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