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Scott Larson's Cloud Backup Setup Service

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I offer the most comprehensive cloud backup solution available to date. Most solution providers usually fall back on consumer cloud backup services like Mozy, or Carbonite. While both of these solutions can offer low cost easy to use cloud backup capability, there not very robust or reliable when it comes to retrieving that data after a data loss. The software is usually very resource intensive and not tested for reliability when updates are released. My experience in dealing with these services over the years created a challenge for me to rethink offering these solutions as a strategy for my business. My research lead me an alternative, I found that the best way to handle reliability and stability is to find the best cloud backup software product and combine that with the best cloud backup storage service on the market.

After extensive testing we have found that Amazon's S3 service paired with Arq's Cloud Backup Software provides a cost effective and reliable replacement:


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Amazon S3

Amazon S3 is a cloud storage service. Its a fast, secure, cost effective way to store your important data.  Scott Larsons Cloud Backup Service does not rely on low cost flaky all-in-one software as a service solutions to protect your important data. Many software developers design products that makes use of Amazon S3 robust cloud storage giving you options to choose from when selecting the right software/storage combination for your business. With all-in-one backup solutions like Mozy or Carbonite if the service ever goes out of business or the backup software becomes unreliable, you can choose a different backup product or storage service without completely having to ditch a all-in-one solution. This minimizes down time when backing up or restoring data. Amazon S3 is also very cost effective as there are no setup fees, you only pay for the space that you use.


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Arq Backup

A lightweight piece of software that is very reliable and simple. It also makes use of Amazon's S3 encrypted storage solution so you can safely store data on the cloud. It has a scheduling system that constantly backups up your most important files. The easy to use interface makes restoring files very easy to do.

Service Benefits

Cost includes the price of the software along with the setup fee and 1 year of maintance. It does not include the monthly Amazon S3 charges which will vary depending on the amount of data being stored on the service. Costs can range from 5.00 for 20 gigs of storage or more.


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