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Data Recovery

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If your system crashed, or you accidentally deleted a file, there is a good chance that the data can be recovered. I use the latest tools and technologies and I have over several years of data recovery experience. I excel at recovery data in the following situations:

  • Accidental Deletions
  • Hard Drive Failures
  • Power Failures
  • Partition Damage
  • Partition Overwriting
  • Partition Deletion

Additional Services at different pricing (check links for more information)

You will want to remember that as soon as you realize that you have a situation where you need recovery data ie: you cant access your files or your computer,  or if you hear any mechanical noises its important to stop what you are doing and in most cases shutdown your computer. Do not attempt to try and recover the data yourself by any means as further use of your computer can cause further damage or overwriting of data which can prevent or complicate a recovery.


Please be aware that my Data Recovery Service is limited to the physical state of the device itself.  Furthermore any attempt to recovery data from a faulty device can further damage the data and the recovery process, resulting in a total loss of your data. I will need to know if you experienced any sounds related to a hard crash. In some extreme data recovery cases the device needs to be shipped to a electronics facility to do hardware replacements for data extraction to be possible.

The Data Recovery Service turn around times run between 1 day and 2 weeks depending on how damaged the media is.

Rate Adjustments: 

At-Home Service

Add $40.00 to the following service if you want me to come out and do the servicing.

At-Location Service

  • Add $60.00 to the current minimum if you want me to come to your location to do the servicing. 
  • At-Location Service is billed hourly with no maximum and a one hour minimum.
  • I only do at-location servicing in the down town Santa Rosa, Ca Area.

Customer Sliding Scale Additions For Repair Charges

To keep costs low for people with low income please add one of the follow options to the rate/cost:

  • Low Income (Home User with a small income) No Additional Charges
  • Medium Income (Home User with a Medium Size Income or Small Business) $15.00
  • High Income (Medium or Large Size Business with High Income) $30.00

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