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Disaster Recovery Setup Service

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This solution provides the equipment, setup and maintenance solution necessary to recover from a disaster. This solution prevents costly repairs and recovery when your computer's hardware fails. Its designed to store a copy of:

  1. Your operating system configuration and settings.
  2. All of your software necessary to function.
  3. Your personal or business data. 

The disaster recovery consultation is handled in two stages:

  1. I come out to your location to perform an analysis on your current computer setup to determine the disaster recovery method that meets your needs. (Free)
  2. I submit a quote to you detailing the costs and time involved in setting up the software and hardware depending on the amount of devices you want to have a disaster recovery solution in place. You can also fill our our Disaster Recovery Service Quote if you know the specifics of your requirements.

You will need at a minimum the following:

This serivce includes: 1 External Hard Drive USB 3.0 1TB (Call for Quote), 1 Disaster Recovery Software (Macrium Reflect: $70.00), 1 Acronis Disk Monitor Software(Free) to monitor the health of your disks and email report alearts, 1 Setup Service to install the software and configure it to backup on a schedule basis along with implementation of an alert system in the event of a failed backup hard drive issue. (Might require a help to maintain, see my Maintenance Contract For Scott Larson's External Disaster Recovery for Single Devices)

The cost for the initial setup depends on your specific requirements that an assessment will help me determine.

Rate Adjustments: 

Call for Quote

707-536-1527 or contact me by email

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