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E-Mail Transfer

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Email transferring from one host to another doesnt have to be large time and energy investment for you and/or your company. If you have large mail folders, or mailboxs with lots of folders, you could spent countless hours transfering that data yourself one folder at a time.

There is an easier way. I offer my skills an expertise in helping you make this as painless as possible. What happens is that you provide me with your mailbox user name's and password's and from my end remotley, I can make that transfer happen in a third of the time it would take to do it yourself.

I use special command line tools to replicate an entire mailbox, or just specific folders, depending on your needs without you losing access to your mail so you can continue working as if I wasn't even there. Forget about having some tech log into your computer taking up your valuable time making this happen. I can visit your site, answer any questions you have and draw up an estimate of what it would take to handle your mail transfer issues.

Schedule an appointment online, or call me to setup an free evaluation.

  • Transfer rates are caculated by mailbox size at $10 per 100 megabytes with a $40.00 minimum per maibox.

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