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Full Equipment Diagnostic Service

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Computer Diagnostic Repair

Your computer, laptop, netbook, notebook, PDA, iPad, iPod, or tablet is experiencing trouble and you would like me to give you a professional report on the extent of the problem and or fix the problem along with Scott Larson's Computer Repair Service.

  • Scott Larson delivers cutting edge results to any hardware or software related problem with over twenty years of hardware experience and using the latest computer hardware diagnostic tools.
  • For Repairs, a full diagnostic is usually performed on a device that is experiencing problems to rule out faulty hardware and can take 24 to 48 non-billable hours to complete.
  • In some cases, comprehensive diagnostics on obscure problems can take longer, up to one or sometimes two non-billable weeks. Contact me about getting a loaner device in these situations.
  • Half-Off off all diagnostic work when repairs are authorized.
  • This Fee is Per Computer. If you need more than one computer diagnosed please order more than one diagnostic service.
Rate Adjustments: 

At-Home Service

Add $40.00 to the following service if you want me to come out and do the servicing.

At-Location Service

  • Add $60.00 to the current minimum if you want me to come to your location to do the servicing. 
  • At-Location Service is billed hourly with no maximum and a one hour minimum.
  • I only do at-location servicing in the down town Santa Rosa, Ca Area.

Customer Sliding Scale Additions For Diagnostic Charges

To keep costs low for people with low income please add one of the follow options to the cost of the service:

  • Low Income (Home User with a small income) $0.00
  • Medium Income (Home User with a Medium Size Income or Small Business) $10.00
  • High Income (Medium or Large Size Business with High Income) $30.00

Laptop Disassembly/Reassembly

Add this amount to the total price if competing repairs or finalizing the diagnostic requires that return of the laptop.

Laptop Disassembly/Reassembly Fee: $60.00

Minimum Price: 
Maximum Price: 

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