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Hard Drive Repair

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Drive Repairs

Drives have a tenancy to fail after a limited amount of time. Sometimes it is possible to repair these drives which cost you less than a new replacement drive. The only repairs that can I can do on a drive is to replace the circuit boards if a matching board can be found. Drive Repair is not Data Recovery. If you have had some kind of data loss or corruption and you need your data recovered please choose the Data Recovery Service.

  • Flat fee for drive repair.
  • You don't pay unless the repairs are successful.
  • 1-year guarantee.


Rate Adjustments: 

Customer Sliding Scale Additions For Repair Charges

To keep costs low for people with low income please add one of the follow options to the rate/cost:

  • Low Income (Home User with a small income) No Additional Charges
  • Medium Income (Home User with a Medium Size Income or Small Business) $15.00
  • High Income (Medium or Large Size Business with High Income) $30.00

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