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System Protection

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This system protection plan is designed to secure your system from outside threats such as viruses, malware, and rootkits.

What this service provides:

  • An analysis and repair of your current security solution and recommendations on a replacement if necessary.
  • An analysis and repair of your current internet security to provide a solution to better protect your activity online.
  • A comprehensive analysis and repair of your current system protection including updating and securing all software that can potentially be used as a vector of attack.
  • System software service that reminds you to keep your most important programs up-to-date to protect you from the latest threats online.

What this service does not provide:

  • A 100% guarantee that you will not become reinfected. Security works best with education and awareness of potential threats. If you happen to download an infected, visit a website that has been infected or not maintain your system/software updates your system can become reinfected no matter how good your security is. See my Net Smartz Crash Test on keeping your system protected.

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