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Virus-Malware Removal

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Virus Removal, Cleanup

If your computer is infected with what appears to be a virus, Scott Larson Consulting has extensive experiences in identifying and cleaning all types of infections with the least amount of time and cost.

  • This is the first service in a two part kit. The second part is Computer Protection. If you don't purchase the kit I am assuming you will be securing your system from further infection after the clean up process. Please be aware that if you don't properly secure your system, it's more likely that your computer can become reinfected.
  • Turn around times vary depending on the complexity of the problem, ask about time frames.
  • Having your system cleaned up does not mean you won't become re-infected in the future. Please take care what sites you visit and what software you download to your computer and always make sure your software is up to date to protect you from the latest threats. See my Net Smartz Crash Test on keeping your system protected.



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