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Secure Document Management Service for Small Businesses

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Scott Larson can help your small businesses or home office deploy their own private Network Attached Storage solution that will help your business share documents securely with your customers.

This service involves setting up a NAS device with document sharing and management services to provide web in-house browser based system which will allow you and your employees to transfer documents from paper to digital form, secure and store them on the device with the ability to share specific digital documents with your customers.

This works by creating a link to the PDF document and sharing that link by email. You can also secure these document sharing transfers with a time-expiring link. The recipient receives the email containing the link to the document file and your message containing information on how long it will be active. The customer opens the link to the shared file before the time expiration and downloads the document using a HTTP secure connection to your document storage system. This security prevents man in the middle attacks which can compromise your document security. After the time expiration the link to the secure location of the file is removed protecting your business and your customer's confidentiality agreements.

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Why put your trust in a cloud storage system like Dropbox, or Skype when you can have your own document management server that's easy to use and you can afford? Read my proposal on secure document management to find out more.

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