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Site Survey

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A wireless site survey is foundational service for home office and small business customers who are experiencing trouble with deploying a wireless network. If you are unable to maintain a stable connection throughout your home or business its beneficial to have this service performed in the beginning to prevent interference or signal degradation from confusing the deployment or continued use of your wireless network.

With special equipment I inventory your current hardware setup, distance between devices, and obstructions that will interfere with signal quality. With this process I am able to map out interference along with dead zone spots in your home or office. I design a plan to have the right equipment in place (If needed), or position the equipment in the right location so that your wireless network is less likely to be brought down by situations that are not always under your control. I also am able to reconfigure devices to route around signal interference.

Most home office customers think that they don't need a site survey since home office needs are few. Due to the many factors that cause wireless problems, planning the network setup beforehand with the right information can save you days worth of work and hundreds of dollars in compensation costs. Get it done right the first time.

This process includes the surveys:

  • Hardware capabilities
  • Wireless coverage
  • Data rates and throughput
  • Network capacity
  • Roaming capability
  • Quality of Service (QoS)

What you will receive:

  • A diagram detailing your equipment information, signal strength and interference points in the areas of your home or office. (If Needed)
  • A recommendation on hardware replacement and equipment placement throughout your home or office.
  • A recommendation on changes your current hardware configuration if hardware is not needing replacement.
  • Your over all network speed.
  • Your current network capacity and suggestions for future upgrades.
  • Quality of Service recommendations if you require equipment or special QOS configurations to prevent network overload due to excessive use by home or office client devices.
  • A cost estimate of equipment and labor to carry out any changes to your current network configuration.

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