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Small Business Support Package

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This package is designed all my business customers who need reliable uptime of there computer equipment on a regular basis.

What this package does for you:

  1. Provides preventive solutions that prevent future support problems.
  2. Maintains reliable backups of your important data.
  3. Sets aside time to answer support issues that come up on a regular basis that you don't have to worry about paying for every single time an event happens.
  4. Decreases cost and time on both ends so we are not stuck handling support issues that should have been addressed with a proper assessment of your current equipment's configuration at the beginning of the service agreement.

This package does not include any inital setup fee (if required) for the hardware and software setup. Request a free assessment quote for detailed information on the inital fee.


What's included in this package?


Scott Larson's Cloud Backup Setup Service

I offer the most comprehensive cloud backup solution available to date. Most solution providers usually fall back on consumer cloud backup services like Mozy, or Carbonite. While both of these solutions can offer low cost easy to use cloud backup capability, there not very robust or reliable when it comes to retrieving that data after a data loss. The software is usually very resource intensive and not tested for reliability when updates are released. My experience in dealing with these services over the years created a challenge for me to rethink offering these solutions as a strategy for my business. My research lead me an alternative, I found that the best way to handle reliability and stability is to find the best cloud backup software product and combine that with the best cloud backup storage service on the market.

After extensive testing we have found that Amazon's S3 service paired with Arq's Cloud Backup Software provides a cost effective and reliable replacement:



Disaster Recovery Setup Service

This solution provides the equipment, setup and maintenance solution necessary to recover from a disaster. This solution prevents costly repairs and recovery when your computer's hardware fails. Its designed to store a copy of:

  1. Your operating system configuration and settings.
  2. All of your software necessary to function.
  3. Your personal or business data. 

Rate Adjustments: 

System Protection

This system protection plan is designed to secure your system from outside threats such as viruses, malware, and rootkits.

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