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Intrusion Investigation

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You are unable to access or you think someone has gained unauthorized access to you computer, laptop, netbook, notebook, PDA, iPad, iPod, or tablet and you would like a professional to investigate and give you a report on the extent of the problem. An intrusion investigation is usually performed on a device that is inaccessible or is showing signs of having been accessed by an unauthorized person. Investigations can take 24 to 48 non-billable hours to complete. In some cases, comprehensive investigations on deep intrusions can take up to one or two non-billable weeks. Billable time is described below. Contact me about getting a loaner device in these situations.

  • This service amount is for a full intrusion investigation, Some investigations take longer depending on the complexity of the problem.
  • Half-Off for the second hour of any intrusion investigation and a 3/4 off of the final third hour with a maximum of three hours.
  • Additionally, Half-Off off all diagnostic work when repairs are authorized.
  • This Fee is Per Computer. If you need more than one computer diagnosed please order more than 1.


Rate Adjustments: 

At-Home Service

Add $40.00 to the following service if you want me to come out and do the servicing.

At-Location Service

  • Add $60.00 to the current minimum if you want me to come to your location to do the servicing. 
  • At-Location Service is billed hourly with no maximum and a one hour minimum.
  • I only do at-location servicing in the down town Santa Rosa, Ca Area.

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