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Other Services

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  • Audio/Visual Equipment Setup
  • Audio/Visual Production
  • Electronics Repair
    • Laptop Jack Repair
    • Laptop Fan/Heatsink Repair
    • LCD Screen Repair
  • Phone and Wire Service
    If you are having trouble with your phones, or your lines coming into the house from the Point of Entry from the phone company outside I can test and repair/replace faulty equipment/wiring inside the home. With this service, I only work with residential homes with the wiring already in place. If you have internet service that is not working, sometimes it's related to the wiring that is in the home, or you might be missing a filter at some jack at the house. I can diagnose these types of problems with great efficiency due to my three-year background experience working with ISP's and Telecommunication Companies Like ATT.
    I handle the following telecommunications technology:
    • Copper-Pair
      Phone and Internet service that works off of the copper wire going into your house.
    • VOIP
      Phone and Internet service that works over IP networks.
  • Website Design and Development
    • Let the world know what you do with an on-line identity with the creation of a beautiful website utilizing the latest technologies and design styles. I can also give your existing site a new look that reflects your business or personal image. Need to get information from a target audience? What about having a collection of videos or music to distribute to the public? Whatever you need the possibilities are endless. I design and develop for small businesses, sole proprietors, inventors, and enthusiasts. My approach to design tends to focus on simplicity so I create methods for online presentations and interfaces that allow potential clients to easily navigate your site.
    • I can help you obtain a better presence on the internet. Search Engine Optimization is a service that involves improving your search visibility using words and content that the search engine can index to help the public find your business or endeavor. It can also involve targeting local areas depending on your needs. People need a way to find you and if you don't have an established word of mouth reputation yet.  Search Engines are one of the best ways for people to reach you.
  • Website Maintenance
    • IWeb Conversion
      The IWeb service has been discontinued, if you have a website on iWeb it can be transferred to another Content Management System. I perform these types of website migrations with great expertise and care.
    • I offer services to help your website to load faster. Sometimes website's are created with a lot of extraneous code that can be sifted, though, moved and compressed or in some case removed entirely without affecting the look, design or accessibility of the Website. I perform an analysis of the website from the protocol and content layer giving you the best estimate on performances gains. Contact me for more information.
    • Website Application Deployment, Development, Administration: Content Management and Support.
    • Website DNS, Hosting, Email: Setup and Transfer.


    • Website Troubleshooting (Hourly or Fix Resolution Rates)
      • Connection Problems
      • Page Loading Issues
      • Performance Problems
      • Display Problems
      • Sound and Video Issues
      • Content Loading Issues
      • Content Display Issues


  • Document File Conversion
    • EPUB, NOOK, MOBI PDF, HTML, Markdown.

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