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Full System Maintenance Package

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Regular computer maintenance is required to keep your computer running in top shape.

I do a complete workup on the computer by running a clean up on temporary files, check for virus protection and updates, scan for suspicious activity, check for backup activity, do performance tuning, and monitor the life of your hardware. Any issues preventing the computer from functioning correctly that requires complicated resolutions are outside the scope of this service. If you are having trouble like this with your computer please purchase an Equipment Diagnostic or Repair.

You can request a one-time maintenance consultation at any time as such maintenance works best when it's done at regular intervals. The total for these 3 services is $240.00, but if you purchase this bundle now you save $40. The list of services include:


Full Equipment Diagnostic Service

Computer Diagnostic Repair

Your computer, laptop, netbook, notebook, PDA, iPad, iPod, or tablet is experiencing trouble and you would like me to give you a professional report on the extent of the problem and or fix the problem along with Scott Larson's Computer Repair Service.

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Maximum Price: 

System Checkup (Free)

System Checkup
Is your computer running slow or not the way you expected it to operate? Are you having problems with security? Find out how you can increase the performance of your current computer without having to spend more than you need on a new one! Drop your hardware by my shop and get a free system check-up today!


System Protection

This system protection plan is designed to secure your system from outside threats such as viruses, malware, and rootkits.


System Tune-up

System Computer Tune-up Performance

If your system is running slow or you are having recurring problems with system stability you should have it checked out.  I use the latest tools and technology to get your system's performance up to a standard you can live with. I will check startup programs, services, drivers, the amount of free memory, provide resource tuning, and check your storage configuration for performance and stability gains. This can be a much more affordable solution in some cases rather than purchasing a new computer.


ESET Smart Security 8 (1 Year License)

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Securing Your Online Life
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