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Hardware Maintenance

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Cleaning Ventilation Heatsinks Airflow Conduits Cooling
Desktops and laptops can suffer from shutdowns, boot failures, Blue Screen errors, and system crashes related to blocked ventilation or misconfigured hardware. Protect your computer from damage.

If you ever have heard of term planned obsolescence? Did you know that Computer Manufacturers create Design flaws that decrease the life of your device so you have to purchase a new one a year or two later? Here's how:

  • Ventilation ports that allow the heat to dissipate from the hardware get clogged with dust, dirt, hair, and other particles. This causes the device to over-heat and shutdown, decreasing the life of the computer.
  • Heat-sinks that distribute the flow of heat from hardware components have mounts that are made out of plastic and break over time causing the heat-sink to fall off and cause damage to the hardware.
  • Thermal paste that distributes the heat between the Processor and the heat sink is low quality becomes brittle over a short time. This process doesn't allow the hardware to remain at its optimum cooling temperature causing overheating and damage to the device.
  • Setting the processor's clock at speeds the cooling systems cant handle causes overheating, and over time this excessive overheating causes the hardware to fail.


If your computer is getting to hot to the touch or you find its shutting down after a short period of use, your computer could need some proper hardware care or a design flaw analysis and resolution.

Excessive overheating for long periods of time can:

  • Shorten the life of your computer's or laptop's circuitry, causing instability that results in expensive hardware replacements.
  • Your laptop battery's life can be shortened significantly or your battery can even exploded due to heat caused by over charging.


Here is what I can do to solve many of these problems:

  • Diagnose the device to identify these problems.
  • Perform a comprehensive cleaning of the ventilation ports s involved in cooling the unit.
  • Apply high quality thermal solutions that keep the hardware free of overheating over a much longer period of time.
  • Return the Processor settings to a normal state of operation to prevent heat damage.
I offer a free check-up to determine the cause of your issue. If I cant fix your problem you don't pay.
Payment Options: 
Rate Adjustments: 

Customer Sliding Scale Additions For Repair Charges

To keep costs low for people with low income please add one of the follow options to the rate/cost:

  • Low Income (Home User with a small income) No Additional Charges
  • Medium Income (Home User with a Medium Size Income or Small Business) $15.00
  • High Income (Medium or Large Size Business with High Income) $30.00

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