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Side By Side Independent Contractor Non-Compete Agreement

You have been requested by Scott Larson Computer Repair & Data Recovery to perform services that Scott Larson does not usually perform during his normal business operations.

This agreement is executed the day the form is filled out and emailed to both parties with the time stamp of the delivery. This agreement is in force once you or anyone completes the form and the form is delivered from the hosting provider using an email address with your company name in the domain name portion of the address. The force of effect of this agreement lasts as long as both parties are in contract to work for the Company listed in the form.

You the Independent Contractor agree to work along side the Current Contractor: Scott Larson Computer Repair & Data Recovery without soliciting services that fall under the Current Contractor's Desktop/Workstation related only support services unless otherwise agreed to in writing:

List a person who is filling out the form if it is someone other than the owner that has the power to act on his or her behalf. Or list your name if you are the business owner and are the contact person

Enter in a email address that contains the business name from which you are authorized to act from.

Select the company you have been requested to contract with by Scott Larson Computer Repair & Data Recovery.

Current Independent Contractor Signature:

Dr. Radut | webform