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Standard Fees

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Scott Larson Consulting operates on an appointment basis only. Please call for an appointment before stopping by.

A fee will be added to your next bill in the following situations due to causing problems with our scheduling:

  1. A $25.00 fee for Canceling appointments without a three-hour notice or being over thirty minutes late.
  2. A $35.00 fee for Appointment no-shows.
  • Initial Consultation/Diagnostic (20min free): When you bring your device in sometimes I can quickly confirm a common problem and give you an answer to the problem without charge if it doesn't involve a lengthy diagnostic, repair or further consultation about the problem or other issues.. Most device problems require a full diagnostic before repairs can be initiated.
  • In-shop Full Consultation: 75$ Low Income | $85 Medium Income | $95 High Income. I tend to charge a full hour for one consultation that doesn't go beyond the full hour to cover further research & support questions after the visit. If you feel that you will not require these secondary services please let me know and I will work with you.
  • In-shop Diagnostic: Please be aware that when I am performing In-shop diagnostic service work on any equipment I charge a standard diagnostic fee with a minimum of $70.00 and a maximum of $105.00 to diagnose the extent of the problem and give you a report.  If you do decide to go repairs I wave half the diagnose costs and include final repair costs ranging from $85.00 and $255.00. I will notify you in advance before making any repairs unless we can fix the problem during the diagnostic. I also have set prices for service packages, please check out our list of services for more information If you decide to not go with any repairs, we still collect a standard diagnostic fee for the amount of time it took to complete the diagnostic to give you an answer on the extent of the problem.
  • At Location Consultations prices is a per hour rate with a one-hour minimum, each additional hour is billed in thirty-minute increments on the hour, please call me for a rate quote at 707-536-1527 for more information.
  • No Shows: If I arrive at your location or you arrive at my location to have some work done or to pick up/drop off equipment and you didn't show up (and failed to communicate that to me within three hours) I reserve the right to bill you the standard fee for this time. This can depend on if I passed up a potential job to do some work for you and you canceled on me without enough notice, or didn't show. In other situations, I could be free that day and you gave me some notice. (under 3hrs)If it was not too far out of my way it's not too much of loss. My goal is to be flexible since I know that people can forget from time to time (since I sometimes forget myself) while weeding out people that show repeated instances of not respecting my time.


  • During At-Location or In-Shop work I will do my best to give you an accurate estimate of the potential costs. I can't guarantee that costs won't increase above the estimate if further problems arise during the servicing. What I will do is stop the work and communicate to you the cost increase and you can decide how to continue. If you decide not to go with the work, you still pay a standard diagnostic/trip fee for my time. Please be aware that certain issues cannot be resolved the same day. For at-location work, payments are always required at the end of the work day regardless of the result and for In-Shop repairs upon the return of the equipment/computer, by check or cash only. For At-Location repairs if the work could not be completed during the same day, I will require payment from you or your establishment for my time for each consecutive day. For services not completed I have some flexibility on this if you are a regular customer and we have built some trust that you are true to your word, then at my discretion, we can then bill you in one or at most two-week increments. Please be aware that I cannot afford to handle repeated late payments and might have to discontinue any work or any business relationship even if the work is not complete, or even if there are still payments pending if I feel it's a repeating pattern that is causing problems with my finances. If you are failing to make payments on time and I discontinue work because of this, any payments still due to compensating me for my time is still required to be paid within 2 weeks of the day of termination whether the work is complete or not. If the work was complete for that day and was unable to produce a proper bill, I will invoice you the following day and arrange to pick-up the payment.
  • For At-Location service there is a one-hour minimum, after the first hour I bill in one-hour increments. Thirty minutes is billed as a full hour, Hours with less than thirty minutes is no charge.

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