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Top 5 Computer Failure Causes for 2016

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2016 was an interesting year for computer failures. With the release of Windows 10 the stability of the platform has significantly increased due largely to Microsoft improving its core operating system functionality. One the one hand it's great for the end user as you should expect to spend less time, and money on repairing the functionality the platform. On the other hand this has revealed a set of problems with the design of third party applications, and compatibility with hardware components. Below outlines the top five causes of computer failures for 2016.


In 2016 I had over 30 service requests for hard drive failures. My experience has shown that although performance has improved, Windows 10 is putting more load on the system disk causing them to fail quicker which decreases the life of the storage device. (Read about how constant use of the disk over time decreases its life in my "Sabotaging Your Productivity by Neglecting Regular Computer Maintenance" article.)

If you're someone that doesn't want to wait for this to happen, my recommendation is to get regular reoccurring maintenance done on your computer to watch out for this problem so that you don't lose data or time waiting for your computer to be rebuilt. You can also use a program that can monitor the life of your disk, and warn you when its time to replace it such as

Acronis Disk Monitor. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK

Finally, make sure you have a good disaster recovery solutionif you have data you don't want to lose. Data is not always 100% recoverable, and it can get very expensive.



It is amazing how many people fall for this scam. This is a confidence trick or a (Con) to attempt to get you to perform action that gives them access to your computer, so they can sell you a false product or steal private information. The caller attempts to disguise themselves as a reputable company like Microsoft to gain your trust. Trust me when I say nobody will ever call you, or try to get you to call them though a website banner warning you of a potential threat to your computer. This is a breach of trust.

As a rule, do no trust: Unsolicited calls, advertizements, or alerts. Under all circumstnaces do not give out personal information, unless you are the one initiating the service request.


Windows 10 had a shaky start with its Windows Update service that also decided to update your hardware drivers. The problem was, those drivers provided by Microsoft didn't always work, and caused some systems to crash or fail to boot. Out of date drivers causes various problems with the computer, so its important to have regular maintenance done to make sure your drivers are always kept up to date.


As improvements to the software on the computer are made, system hardware becomes stressed and more likely it is to fail if it isn't regularly maintained. Mainboards suffer most from heat failures, which means poor ventilation. Poor ventilation is caused by dust, and debris in the computer case. Depending on how dusty your environment is, its recommended that your system be property cleaned for dust. If you have a high dust environment it should be cleaned ever 4 months. For medium dust environments every 6 months, and for low dust environments every year.


Ransomware is an attack that is very similar to fake tech support attacks, but instead putting fake software on your machine the attack installs software on your machine to encrypt your files. This prevents access to your most important files until you pay a Ransom fee. It's important that you have a backups running. I suggest getting a disaster recovery solution in place, or a cloud backup with Carbonite.

Device Failure Chart (2016)Full

Device Failure Chart (2016) Image

Predictions for 2017

I predict that in 2017 we are going to see less problems with software failures, and more problems with hardware stress due to the software out performing the capabilities of hardware currently on the market. This could mean that you might expect to replace hardware more frequently.

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