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Ultrabook Recommendations for Business & Trasfering Music to a DAP

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Ultrabook Recommendations for Business & Trasfering Music to a DAP


2017 Ultrabook recommendation guide for serious business users who are on the go.

Looking for a new portable laptop that is fast, light weight, and built to last? Check out my Ultrabook review guide for 2017.


Transferring Music to a Digital Audio Player

This is a companion guide to my Digital Audio Player Review Guide. If you are new to digital audio players this might be a guide for you.


Scott Larson's Advanced System Service Center Capabilities

Most computer repair shops rely mostly on trial by error to troubleshoot hardware problems. As a repair technician, sometimes this is the only way to go about troubleshooting certain problems. Not all hardware trouble can be analyzed this way, its very time consuming, and costly for the repair center. This in turn can cause a repair center to recommend unnecessary hardware replacements to speed up the servicing. This ends up costing the customer more money and time to transition to a new system on the account of the service center's experience and resources. This is why choosing the right service center is critical for you if you want a decent turn-around time and a solid answer on your issue. With the right tools and hardware experience, you will find much better results going with a service that has a history of having the results...more

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