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Why I stopped using Linkedin: Gatekeeping Content

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Im finding the Linkedin platform very restrictive as time goes on. The way the platform is designed as it is now, forces people to use linkedin's content tools to share important information instead of giving us the tools we need to post content from our own websites or other social media onto the platform. I'm very weary of relying on a corporation who designs its tools to steer its users into aggregating personal and business information into one place. The site could go down, change its polices, de-publish content without warning, or involve themselves in the practice of silencing speech without recourse. 

For these reasons, in 30 days I will be shutting down my linkedin account. If you wish to keep up the latest news on technology, please visit my new website or sign-up for my news letter. My new website is currently in development so a link on the site will redirect you to my current website

Thank you to everyone who messaged me or got something out of my work that helped them with their computer life, I look forward to communicating and sharing information in a more decentralized environment.

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