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Windows 10 Preview, Finding a Website Home & Avoiding Ransomeware

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The Scooter Scoop Newsletter: Windows 10 Preview, Finding a Website Home & Avoiding Ransomeware

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Scooter's Windows 10 Preview -The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

Scooter's Windows 10 Preview Photo

Windows 10 is suspected to be released on July 31st 2015, get a first look at how it is improved over Windows 8. After the Windows 8 start menu replacement debacle, Microsoft has been scrambling to return the Windows product to profitability. Lean why I think its worth getting a new computer with Windows 10 installed, but be wary of upgrading an older version of windows for the moment. Read more...

Helpful Tips

Finding A New Home For Your Website

Are you thinking about finding a new webhost. Shopping for a website could be like shopping for a new home. There are a few things to consider before moving in and in this case before transfer your website. There are at least 10 steps that we found that are important. Read more...

Don’t Let Your Data Be Kidnapped by Ransomware

Clickjacking Ransome Note Photo

Protect yourself from ransomware by getting a disaster recovery plan in-place before this happens.

Everyone knows what a ransom note is but did you know that your data on your computer can actually be held for ransom? It’s called ransomware.  These so called cyber criminals are interested in economic and financial gain. According to Info security Magazine these criminals are able to access your data by sending an email, if the victim clicks on the attachment in the email, malware is installed that encrypts your data. A warning is presented on the screen with instructions on how to pay to decrypt it. Your data is being held hostage until you pay the ransom. Read more...

Computer Recycling and Avoiding Data Theft

Our research shows that more Americans are becoming victims of data theft according to a new PEW Research study. Study has shown 18 percent of Americans have had their personal data stolen, including: credit card, banking and social security information.

Protect yourself from ransomware by getting a disaster recovery plan in-place before this happens. Read more...

Foiling a Clickjack Attempt

Clickjacking Ransome Note Photo

Customer Clickjacked by Bank Email

A Customer became distraught after he opened a PDF attachment that had a well crafted title making it appear to come from his bank. When the PDF opened it executed a piece of code that took control of his computer. When it was all over the only thing left on his desktop was a ransom note demanding thousands of dollars in exchange for his livelihood. Fortunately in this situation the customer had very little data to lose, in some cases it can destroy a person's life or result in the closing of a small business. Read more...

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